Would you like to volunteer in Vienna?

Would you like to volunteer in Vienna? Great! Tell us what you really care about & what you are good at.
You will see Non-Profit Organisations that need you, you can quickly sign up for volunteering engagements matching your preferences.

Non-profit organisations depend on volunteers and more than half of them struggle to find them. Volunteering has a massive impact, not just on the beneficiaries, but also on the local community, society and of course on the volunteer her/himself! Volunteering is not only of great support to those in need, it brings benefits to volunteers themselves as well as cities/regions – from increased personal satisfaction and quality of life, to more social cohesion and the integration of immigrants into society.

volunteering Vienna, So to make volunteering even more popular, we founded Social Held, an intuitive platform connecting volunteers with volunteering opportunities in Vienna. With just a few clicks, based on your interests, skills and time commitment you will be matched with the corresponding social engagement.

We have 20+ non-profit organizations on board offering diverse volunteering opportunities. There are classical volunteering projects such as mentoring or buddy programs, but also plenty of more unusual engagements, for example some organizations are looking for sport teachers or filmmakers willing to donate just a few hours of their time. Every week we are adding new opportunities. By using the platform volunteers can not only easily find and sign up for the projects, they can also track their social engagement and skills development.
Below you can see a short guide on how to find volunteering that fits you – Social Held platform will quickly lead you through it as well!

For finding the best fitting volunteering offers, please visit http://socialheld.at/


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