Will the Apriori Opportunity Turn Into a Beauty of a Business For You? An Apriori Beauty Review b

PRAI beauty was founded back in 1999 by business entrepreneur Cathy Kangas. It is a that is bases in New Cannan, Connecticut that sells beauty skin care products. They have pitched themselves into a very competitive marketplace, but judging by the wide range of products, seem to be holding their own.

All the skin care products are made using extract of Prai Root. This is similar to ginger, in fact it comes from the same family. It has been used in Thailand for centuries as a protecting and smoothing agent for the skin. In fact, it is said to have healing powers. The products themselves are fairly exclusive and with names like “Champagne Truffle Caviar” and “Crème Royale” they aren’t particularly cheap.

So how can you make money with this business? 8 amazing luxury skincare brands

Well, it seems that you have to join up as a PRAI Beauty representative. After much searching I couldn’t find anything about costs involved or payment structures. Even on the main website they were being a little secretive. To get details about becoming a rep, you have to contact them and leave an email address and phone number. However after a little more searching, it seems that when you become a representative you are eligible to hold, beauty events, whereby you can receive commissions on items sold. Although what that percentage is, I have to say I simply don’t know.

PRAI Beauty does have some classy products that are sure to have people coming back for more, and if you want to make some sideline money and you like meeting people, then this might be the opportunity for you. However if you are looking to make serious life changing sums of cash, then there are other home bases businesses that are more suited to doing just that.


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