The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen – Austin’s New Wine Bar on the Block

Paris is known for great food but it is also known for its great wine. If restaurants can define your Paris vacation, wine bars can also do the same. Wine bars are ranked high in the experience factor in one the most romantic cities in the world. In fact wine bars are part of the local culture it is not just a place to indulge in the best wines the country has to offer. What better way to add on to this experience than by having your very own place in the city. Paris apartment vacation rentals are an accommodation option you have to seriously consider if you want an authentic brush with Parisian life. Live like a local and “own” the city while you are around. This is the only way you can truly say that you have been to Paris.

Les Papilles is a popular wine and coffee bar in Paris. It is along the stretch of Rue Gay Lussac. This bar boasts wines from the southwest of France. But like any other wine bar in the city, it also doubles as a bistro with delightfully good food on its menu. This wine cellar is now owned and operated by Laetitia Cosnier and Bertrand Bluy. Both are Chefs which explains the bar’s inclination towards providing guests with good wine and good food. 호스트바

If you choose to live in a holiday rental Paris that is a little far from the center of town, check around as you might just be a short walk away from the Le Dauphin. This place is primarily known for its big tapes like the famed sweet chestnut with foie gras or the tempura shrimp. But it is also known for a very impressive wine selection which qualifies it as a wine bar in Parisian standards. The place is a cool and trendy hang out, a must visit for guests of the city. The interior of the restaurant is made of white marble designed by Rem Koolhaas adding charm and a touch of sophistication to the place. The restaurant/bar is fairly new (just opened in the latter part of 2010). Le Dauphine is founded by Fred Peneauopened and Inaki Aizpitarte. Even with its short run, it managed to build a reputation for being a good place to try regional and rare wines.

Sipping wine in the city of light makes a picture perfect vacation. With your own place to go home to after a day of excursion around Paris, you will have this feeling that you are not only a wandering tourist but a citizen of this beautiful city. Paris vacation rentals are all over the city. Choosing one that gives you easy access to the experiences that matter to you while in Paris can make your vacation worth your while. It gives you a chance to really feel the real identity of the city – an intoxicating mix of classic architecture, rich history, one of a kind food, and delectable wine. What more can you ask for? Now is a good time to take a vacation to Paris minus boring hotel rooms and stale urban experiences.


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