Model Lexus LS 600h L Sent Out

Who says your car had to be big to be powerful? Once upon a time American muscle cars may have been the meat on the bones of the car market, but thankfully times have changed. We no longer rely on having a huge beast of a car, complete with humongous wheels and a body to boot, in order to experience the torque and pull of a truly powerful drive.

One such example of this compact power is with the LS F. In fact, this sleek little car looks a little too preened to be packing such a punch, what with its smooth edges and curvy ways. Not often does a saloon this stylised and good looking (and dare I say it, feminine?) actually produce anything worth reporting when on the track. Not with this baby, however. With this one, whether a new or used Lexus, appearances do offer a clue to what lies beneath.

It seems that Lexus have gone all out with this sporty automobile to produce a beast that looks housetrained and domesticated on the outside, but purrs like a wild thing on the inside. That engine, if we are honest, is the real selling point of the car. You can get plenty of pretty cars with swish interiors and shiny paint, but finding that with an engine worth mentioning really doesn’t happen enough.

Here, however, the engine does live up to expectations. With a sizeable 2.5-litre V6 monster tucked under the lid you are likely to be impressed by the power and pull. For a car this size, any more will make the ride too raw and uncomfortable, but this amount lets you roar ahead without putting your back out! All too many fancy cars forget that driving isn’t just about speed, and is more about manageability, holding tightly onto the corners and letting you relax, whether as a driver or a passenger. That said, 4.8 seconds to get from 0-60 may be enough to tempt anyone into wanting a test drive!

So if this fast and sexy car is so good, where is the best place to find one? Lexus dealerships advertise the LS F with a slightly maniacal look in their eyes, waxing lyrical about the rarity of the car, the grip of the wheels, and any other weird and wonderful terms of description that they can dredge up. Your best bet, although depreciation is slightly less with this model than with other cars, is to fall in love with this once that registration plate is just a little out of date. lexus dealership orange county

A used Lexus LS F is a delight to own, especially knowing how much you have saved letting someone else have that first try. It also allows you to be a little more flexible, finding a 2.5litr petrol rather than the 2.2litr turbo diesel. The newest model isn’t necessarily the best, and opting for a used Lexus will let you go for those models that really wowed the critics from forecourt to garage.


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