King Curtis – King Of The Rock & Roll Sax

The industry standard of alto saxophones is the Yamaha Yas 23 Alto Sax. Without a doubt, this instrument has been proven time and time again to stand up to the most important of tests for a musical instrument – quality.

From the quality of the hardware to tone and intonation of the instrument, the Yamaha Yas 23 Alto Sax is a top performer and has earned its reputation as being the best student or beginning band member alto saxophone.

The quality of the hardware sets this saxophone apart from most in its price range. This saxophone features nickel plated keys that have extremely smooth action as well as being power-forged which guarantees durability. The body has a gold lacquer finish and also features tapered pivot screws and adjustable key guard felts.

All of the features of the instrument can easily be found on the manufacturers website. The most important information for you when considering investing in a saxophone is quality and ease of play.

Quality, as already mentioned, is above anything else you will find in this price range. As I’ve stated, this sax is an industry standard and for good reason. You can immediately hear the rich tone of the instrument when played in comparison to cheaper knockoffs.

The intonation of a saxophone is also important and the adjustable key guard felts help create optimum intonation.

As far as anything negative to say about this instrument, I have never found anything other than some people do not like the included case.

From the reviews I’ve analyzed, several reviewers have stated that they thought the case was “too plain” or “rather thin and noisy”. One commenter has stated that some of the saxophone accessories can be heard “jangling around in the case” but that nothing was out of place or scratched upon opening.

As for ease of play, this saxophone is a pleasure to play and its solid construction will give an advantage to someone just learning to play. Let’s face it, cheap instruments are usually cheaply made and your playing will suffer for it.

One final consideration you will face is where to find a reputable supplier of the Yas 23 sax. While some people fear purchasing musical instruments online, it is often the best available option for several reasons.

First, you can usually get a much better price online. Its easily possible to save from 25 to 45 percent by purchasing online.

Secondly, the guarantees you find with reputable online suppliers surpass what a local music store offers. You will find it hard to find a local store that will let you bring the instrument back after 45 days and get your money.


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