Full Lace Wigs

Synthetic units are a great buy. While we all deserve the most expensive lace wigs, we cannot all afford them. Synthetic hair has grown in quality over the years and so have the reasons to purchase them. Some might say that having a synthetic unit is the new black.


The benefit of having a synthetic lace wig is that styles are ever lasting. Curly styles on human hair lace wigs look wonderful but it is much harder to maintain the curls over time. If you are someone who cannot stand styling on a semi-regular basis, you should buy a synthetic unit that is pre-styled.

Synthetic hair systems come in all styles, colors and lengths. For long lasting curls, synthetic hair works well. If you want silky straight hair, there are synthetic options. For even more versatility, many companies are now offering synthetic systems that has a wet and wavy texture. This particular hair system has natural waves and the wave pattern  hd closure wig  can be manipulated based on the amount of moisture is applied.


The quality of synthetic hair has increased over the years as well. What many of us knew as plastic shiny hair is now smoother in texture and almost tangle free. One particular hair system that is very popular is futura hair. Futura lace wigs have hair that is synthetic but can take some heat styling.

Futura and similar hair systems can take up to 400 degrees even though many women do not test the limits just in case. Overall, synthetic hair is a much better feeling and that fake shine that was associated with it is almost gone.


Caring for synthetic lace wigs is very similar to that of human hair lace wigs. One of the main differences is the length of time that it takes for the hair to become very tangled. Human hair very rarely tangles to a point where it is unbearable unless proper care is not used. With proper care or not, synthetic hair does have a shorter life span that human hair.

While the hairs will become tangled faster, there are a few things to do to keep the hair beautiful for as long as possible. Regular brushing, and moisturizing of synthetic hair is important so that tangles cannot appear as easily. A great idea for synthetic units is to add one human hair track near the nape of the neck. By doing this, you can maintain the back lace while having the ends tangle less easily. This is because the last row of hair tangles very easily since it is constantly being rubbed against with scarves, on chairs, on your clothes, etc.


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