Five Common Problems With CPAP Masks

It is important to note that CPAP masks, in Toronto as in everywhere else, can often cause new problems while treating old ones. This does not mean, however, that you can stop using your CPAP mask simply because of these little annoyances! You have to remember that once you stop using CPAP masks, in Toronto you shall likely stay because you cannot travel with others and not worry them out of their minds when they start hearing your loud snores and gasping breaths.

Fortunately, there are solutions to your initial difficulties with CPAP masks. In Toronto, doctors will advise you of the following remedies:

Adjustment Pains

Don’t fret. Two out of three users of CPAP masks, in Toronto as in everywhere else, have difficulty adjusting to life with them on.

You can solve this problem by getting used to the mask by wearing it even in daytime at home and then gradually wearing it during the night. It takes time and patience but it is possible.

Forced Air Intolerance

This can be uncomfortable for first-time users but can be remedied by the use of the CPAP machine’s ramp feature. Through this feature, you can set the air pressure at a tolerable level and then the air pressure gradually increases until the prescribed level has been achieved. You can preset the ramp time in time increments of your choice. Sleep Health

You will then be able to sleep more easily. Gradually, you should get used to the prescribed air pressure in a faster period. If the problem persists, however, you should consult your doctor so as to change to another device like the bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machine. You will still be wearing a mask except that the air pressure automatically adjusts – greater on inhalation and lesser on exhalation.

Nose and Mouth Problems

You might suffer from dry and stuffy nose as well as a dry mouth. This can be remedied by switching to a CPAP device with a heated humidifier, which attaches to the air pressure machine itself. Other remedies include the use of a nasal saline or a nasal steroid spray to relieve dryness for nose problems and using a chin strap for your mouth difficulty.

You also must remember that a leaky mask can be the source of your problems. That being said, you have to check out the CPAP masks, in Toronto there are many manufacturers so the task should be an easier one, available to secure the best fit possible.

Accidental Removal

This is normal especially for the restless sleepers. You can remedy this by either using a full-face mask or a humidifier or a chin strap, all of which are easily available in stores.

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